Catastrophic failure of aluminium frame.



Apologies for writing in English, but I don’t speak Dutch, and this incident occurred in England. As this model is still in use in Belgium, I would like to warn you over there.

My Giant Explorer’s frame had a sudden catastrophic failure a few weeks ago. The aluminium frame split in two without warning across both tubes as I was dismounting, with the two wheels completely separating. It is a mere 9 years old, I bought it new, no-one else has ever ridden it, and it has not been mistreated in any way, nor involved in any accident. Being a road bike type with a built-in carrier it should be designed to carry a load. It has not had a huge amount of use, only on local roads and cycle tracks, and mainly for shopping, travel or pleasure, perhaps three times a week. It has not been ridden long distances. The tubes fractured at what is clearly a weak point, where the cables entered the tubes. This should be a warning to other owners of this model to check the frame in this area, especially the bottom tube. I was only relatively lightly injured, but it could have been far worse, even fatal, had I been in traffic or travelling at speed. I have other photos if anyone is interested in this DEATH TRAP.


For your information this bike, perhaps an improved model, is still displayed on the Belgian Giant website, so is still available presumably.